Quality... why buy ?

  • The World’s best SNAG PROOF Towel
  • Developed exclusively for the hospitality and aged care industries
  • 100% Snag Proof, i.e. the loops in the pile cannot be pulled loose
  • Pile is 100% Combed Cotton
  • All side hems are double stitched, for extra strength, and durability
  • Each towel is knitted in such away that the side hems and selvedge’s cannot fray or burst
  • Withstands more than 200 industrial washes
  • The Marathon towel needs no maintenance, always presents well, and releases stains easily
  • We guarantee that Marathon towels will exceed twice the length of commercial wash cycles, compared to woven towels
  • Marathon Towels dry quicker than most commercial towels, reducing energy consumption, saving money on laundries gas and electricity bills

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