• There are 3 fibres that make up a towel: Ground yarn (runs vertically), weft yarn (runs horizontally) and pile yarn.
    • The yarn and its density determine a towel’s quality.
    • Grams per square metre (gsm): is determined by the number of ground and weft threads per cm and the thickness.
    • The denser the towel, the more moisture will be absorbed.
    • Yarn types: Carded cotton (short fibres only partially removed – harsher, coarser feel), combed cotton (fibres are combed to remove short fibres – softer, more absorbent with brilliant colour lustre)
    • The loops should be made from fine count premium combed cotton for softness, lustre and absorbency.
    • The thicker base yarn of the towel draws in and acts as a storage area ensuring good absorbency.



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