Importance To Bulk Users

To obtain optimum life on a hotel towel ie, 120 wash cycles or more, the following is recommended:

  1. Towel in room
  2. Towel in linen stock room
  3. Towel on way to laundry
  4. Towel being laundered
  5. Towel being returned to hotel

The above suggestion indicates that if a room requires 1 Hand and 1 Bath towel, then 5 of each are required to provide the best stock rotation. Assuming that 120 washes at ONE wash per 5 days will give a life expectancy of 20 months provided all the foregoing technical precautions are taken. If any less than 5 towels per room are used, the life expectancy will be accordingly shortened.

To summarise, we have taken the greatest care to produce a quality towel, which, if treated carefully should give optimum life and performance.

To get the best out of our towels, we recommend:

  1. Launder in machines with no sharp edges.
  2. Wash dark colours separately for the first few washes.
  3. Do not bleach in the washing process
  4. Do use a quality detergent without OBA’s.
  5. Use softened water in the laundry process.
  6. Do not overdry the towels.

The foregoing information is issued in the interests of good customer relations and has been compiled in conjunction with information received from the BLRA and SADCLA.

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